2020-2021 Scholarships

Every year we offer two scholarships in a contest format for each camp.

Please enter the contest by filling out the form below only once for each camp/city* you intend to attend. You may enter for each camp even if the camp takes place multiple times in that city.

*The deadline to enter the form is 30 days before each camp begins.

The two categories you can enter

1. Special Needs Children - 2 Scholarships
2. Low income family - 2 Scholarships* - *income verification applies.

We offer the chance to two special needs children for each city to attend our Potty Training Camp* designed just for them. The deadline to enter is 60 days prior to camp start date in your own city.

Please enter only once for each camp. If you enter multiple times you will be disqualified. Be sure to enter the correct information in order to contact you once you win.

All entries will receive one of Adriana Vermillion's Children's Book on Potty Training, an e-book. A valid e-mail is required to enter.

All participants will be notified by e-mail of their prize 30 days prior to the camp start date.

*Please Note: your prize consists of one scholarship per household to attend our camp. Meals, transportation and camp hygiene necessities are not included.

2020 Potty Training Camp 

Scholarship Contest Form